A very special dessert created for Valentine’s day and deliverable only on Sunday the 14th.

Choose your option : yin is a lemon tart with meringue and yang is a chocolate and hazelnuts tart. Each one of you chooses his/her prefered flavour and build your yin-yang, yin-yin or yang-yang!

A yin or yang is for one person. The yin-yang is for two people.


Yin ingredients yin : flour*(CH), salt, sugar(CH), butter*(CH), egg*(CH), corn starch*(UE), lemon*(IT), icing sugar*(CH), almonds*(ES), cocoa*(MA), raw cane sugar*(MA), cocoa butter*(MA)

Yang ingredients : flour*(CH), salt, sugar(CH), butter*(CH), milk*(CH), cream*(CH), egg*(CH), corn starch*(UE), cocoa*(MA), hazelnuts*(TR), cococa butter*(MA), raw cane sugar*(MA), cow’s whole milk powder(MA)

* Ingredients from organic farming

Allergens : gluten, eggs, milk, nuts (almonds, hazelnuts)

⊗ The best is to plan 2 daysahead for us to prepare these tarts. If you do not have this time, please do not hesitate to ask if it is possible, you could be lucky !

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Yin-Yang, Yin-yin, Yang-yang